Take Charge of Your Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Health

Every patient needs a trusted, caring doctor committed to medical excellence. Take charge of your ear, nose and throat health & ensure you are in good hands.

Dr Lau has been providing quality healthcare to patients in Singapore’s public and private sector as well as patients in the international community in the UK, Canada and in missions and teaching workshops around the ASEAN region for over 24 years.

His specialist training in voice and swallowing disorders, transnasal esophagoscopy, sinus and allergy, thyroid and salivary gland disorders, and hearing and ear problems allows for a unique, multi-specialty approach to his patients.

Dr Lau encourages patients to actively take control of their health. He is passionate about helping patients inform and educate themselves on their ENT conditions and the treatment options available, along with recovery programmes for complete healing.

Medical and Surgical Excellence

Dr Lau has nearly two decades of experience helping patients recover from disabling and debilitating ear, nose and throat conditions. He is active in teaching, speaking at international and local public and professional as well as medical education conferences and seminars. He also actively publishes clinical articles, research papers and is committed to ongoing research projects with engineer scientists at the National University of Singapore, heavily supported by funding from government grants.

Leading Edge for ENT Specialty

Dr Lau was one of the earliest proponents of the use of hyaluronic acid injections for laryngeal and voice disorders, and is one of the pioneers in the region to use Botox for voice and swallowing restoration. He also introduced transnasal esophagoscopy as an ENT clinic-based procedure, and developed an award-winning minimally invasive method to improve accuracy and safety in voice restoration following laryngectomy. He also pioneered introduction of the scanning laser to Singapore which enhances accuracy in ENT laser surgery.

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